Brian provides his clients with a personalized strategy for success to sell your property.


Hire Brian as Your Seller Representation and You Receive:

  • Someone who is looking out for YOUR best interest.
  • Professional real estate advice.
  • HD photos and video by a professional photographer.
  • Full color sales sheets for potential buyers.
  • Maximum visibility via social media exposure.
  • Superior marketing, positioning & negotiating skills.

  • Comprehensive profile and property analysis.
  • Sutton West Coast Realty – brand recognition.
  • Complete transaction coordination.
  • Showcasing on several of my connected real estate websites.
  • Skillful negotiating process on your behalf.
  • Access to my dream team of professional vendors.

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Follow These 4 Easy Steps for Successful Selling.

1. Renovate & Tidy Up

  • It’s important to present the best possible home to potential buyers.
  • Repair all minor issues, inside and out.
  • Thoroughly clean, dust and polish all surfaces, including windows and floors/carpet.
  • Prepare to host open house events on the weekends.
  • Clean, make sure all personal belongings are tucked away and try keep cooking smells to a minimum.

2, Hire an agent & Set a Price

  • Work with Brian to do a home evaluation.
  • There’s an art to pricing and we can guide you. You want it priced just right – not too high or too low.
  • Brian will do a complete property profile of your house, including current condition, location, surroundings, special features; a comparative market analysis, and a total market overview.

3. Marketing Materials (Photo & Video)

  • A professional photographer will capture HD quality pictures of the interior and exterior of your home to create a stunning image of your home before a client views it in person.
  • A virtual tour of your home is another step taken to get your home sold.
  • The video provides prospective buyers a walk through visualization of your home, videos can show some things a still photo can’t.

4. Let Brian negotiate on your behalf

  • Counter offers: Have a strategy so you know what you’re willing to negotiate on and where you want to settle.
  • Multiple offers: This is a great situation to be in, sand you can choose based on price and conditions what conditions best suit you.